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It’s my first post!!! I’m super excited to share my journey with you! I was hoping my first post would be about something super exciting but then I remembered, I’m not Kim Kardashian đŸ˜‰

Anyway, one thing you should definitely know about me is that I love to cook! And, by love, I mean LOVE!!!!!! I love finding new ways to spice things up for myself and my family! I am always looking to make things healthier and DELICIOUS so that Scott and Rachel give me rave reviews!

Tonight, we are having pork chops! Rosemary Pork Chops to be exact! O.M.G.! These smell amazing! There is something nostalgic about rosemary! I don’t know if it’s its woodsy smell or if it just reminds me of Thanksgiving but I love it! (Note to reader: I love a lot of things! Exclamation points being one of those things!!!!)

I always seek out recipes on Pinterest and then tweak them to my liking! I really didn’t tweak this recipe all that much, other than I don’t care for baby onions so I didn’t have any and, instead of seasoning the chops separately, I just combined the oil and the seasonings (making my own Kick N Chicken seasoning). Once browned on each side, I threw a chopped onion in with the chops and poured the wine on top …. and a glass for me, of course! (Wine is another thing I LOVE!!!)

I have a nice pot of wild and long grain rice simmering and will probably opt for some green beans – only because Tilly aka Rachel doesn’t like sautĂ©ed spinach! She likes, no LOVES spinach and artichoke dip but not healthy spinach!?!? “KK” as she would say!